North American Union
is one of the things they don't want you to know about.

It's too late to pray for North American Union!
North American Union is doomed!

The North American Union (NAU) is the fevered dream of paranoid xenophobes inevitable mega-country that will be formed once Mexico takes over America after we buy Canada. The American people will be stuffed into the thousands of FEMA camps our government has built and eventually get mass exterminated! Heroes like Lou Dobbs help expose this evil plot!!


North American Union flag



The mark of the bowel, th6th6th6!

It may seem as though all one needs to do to become a member of the NAU is where you are on the map, but more is required to belong in this exclusive club.

Besides dues, NAU members meet the following criteria:

  • the population must reject Our Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior
  • the population must be divided into two major classes:
  1. communists
  2. homosexuals


Only a nation's leader decides whether a country belongs in the NAU.

Leaders Of The NAUEdit

Bilderberg, anyone named Rockefeller, Bears, Bearlister Crowley, Reptilians, the Illuminati, Skull and Bones, New World Order, CFR, Trilateral Commission, a bunch of filthy rich dudes. Bear World Orderists.

Opponents Of The NAUEdit


Hero exposing this wicked cabal!


You can't supress the truthiness!

CNN's newsman, Lou Dobbs and America's Info Warrior are the only men standing between Americans and this Brave New World.

NAU's Future Plans For AmericansEdit


NWO slaughter train!


Just like Aushwitz!


The Amero!

What will happen in 2012 to all of North America. All of North and South America will be united after the Bear Uprising of 2012 where the bears force us to unite and kill alot of people.

We will have common currency, the Amero and compete for 10-cent jobs. Most will become practical slaves to corporations.

Then martial law happens and they force the gay chip into the slaves, giving them gay bowel syndrome in the process. They will also be given the mark of the bowel and stuff us into FEMA camps. The bowel is a co-controller of the world with the Colbear, who controls the world and want to unite us and make us compete with 10 cent jobs in Mexico. They are frenemies because though they will destroy America and change the American flag into an South Amexinadian flag, they will make corporations richer and they will speed up the rapture for us heroes!


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Attention: "North American Union" contains classified information.
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