Hey, where the hell is
North America???
I don't care all that matters is that it's AMERICAN...hey nice ass, lady!

NORTH AMERICA of course... Not only geographically but geologically wise as well. The North American tectonic plate ends at about the Southern tip of Mexico. The Northern Hemisphere, in other words above the equator, and Mexico is completely North of that line. I have to present why there’s no way in hell Mexico is part of South America or even Central America. Most of the North American continent's land area is dominated by The United States of Mexico, The United States, Canada & Greenland. Take a look at the link below; that should answer any doubts about The United States of Mexico being in North America. They didm´t teach you well honey that´s so sad :*( America, also known as "Central America's Canada" and "South America's Santa's Workshop", is a continent. It is the continent with the United States of America on it. That means that it can kick the other continents' asses.


Everything you need to know about North America in one truthy map.

Countries included in America's Continent include:

As anyone can plainly see, America's Continent is by far the most important continent in the history of the universe.

North America TriviaEdit

  • God bestowed the North American continent upon the Americans to own and care for and kill the Native Americans thereof.
  • Due to the rotation of the Earth and the fluctuations of space-time, the birthplace of Jesus has shifted to somewhere in central North America. Probably Texas.
  • North America is, in fact, the center of the world.
  • North America was the site of the 1959 Bear Flag Revolt, in which multiple grizzly bears ransacked many Southern cities in an attempt to ban flag burning.

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