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Norse Mythology
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Norse is an old-fashioned way of saying "Norwegian". It is the common name for the frozen religion of the North.



Odin is the one eyed Viking god of everything. He, and his religion is paganistic and sinful, and they kill puppies.

Odin has two sons that I know of, who's names Baldar, and Thor, he is also the blood brother of Loki. Baldar is the norse God of beauty, Thor is the norse God of Thunder, and Loki is the norse God of mischief.

Odin's SonsEdit


Norse god of beauty, he is the first son of Odin

Baldar is actually the follicle-less god.


Thor is one of Odin's many sons. He is the Norse god of fishing and thunder, two things which always seem to turn up together. Fishermen will often evoke Thor to bring them good fishing with a blood sacrifice of their favorite illigetimate daughter.

Historically, Thor is very important. He was the first meterologist, but his ideas on meterology (i.e. telling the truth about the weather) were abandoned the second he turned his back. he went on many campaignes to kill bears by killing their food source, fish. On one such trip, he met Jormagundr, the world-serpent. they couldn't agree on which kind of fishing bait to use, and have been mortal enimies ever since.

Thor introduced the idea of a lightning rod to Benjamin Franklin, and the idea of the lightbulb to Thomas Edison, as well as creating many other important inventions. He led the Americans to victory in World War I, and again in World War II. Afterward, he left Earth to plot against Jormagundr. He has since been worshipped by Nazis, whom he ignores.

He was also a son of Odin.

Known for his huge hammer Mjolnir, Thor was responsible for all things powerful in the nature of those he interacted with.


Norse god of mischief, he is the blood brother of Odin

Siegfried und BrunhildeEdit

The Valkyries, Nibelungs and Volsungs Walk Into A Bar...Edit

haha, jokes over, Stephen T. Colbert is God!!!


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