Al Franken
Non-Fox Journalist has earned

Non-Fox journalists include, but not limited to, all those who are employed by AP, NBC, NPR, CBS, ABC, Time Magazine, Newsweek, New York Times, LAT, Washington Post, USA Today, Atlantic Monthly, MSNBC, CNN, New Yorker Magazine, and thousands of other pinko liberal propaganda machines that are out of touch with America. Non-Fox reporters are supporters of terrorism and Saddam Hussein.

Every morning, non-Fox journalists are told what to report in their news by their managers who are ex-communist presidential campaign strategists. Many memos and ex-employees of non-Fox attest to the fact that non-Fox journalists were forced to twist the news in favor of liberals. Fox news reporters, on the other hand, are fair, balanced and have balls.

Non-Fox news hosts don't have the balls to turn off the mic on guests who disagree with them. They just keep the mikes on and cry until their producers go to commercial.

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