The "Nod of God" is the official annual award given by the One True God to those in the media who most faithfully exert the Will to Truthiness. Getting the Nod of God is more difficut than winning an Oscar, a Pulitzer or a Peabody, and is one thousand times as heavenly.

Top 10 Reasons for Getting God's Nod Edit

  • Hating facts like evolution and archeology.
  • Loving the Word of God, though not fully understanding it.
  • Holding the Jews in a state of healthy Catholic suspicion, even though, like God, Stephen is part Jew himself.
  • Almost punching out John Cougar Mellencamp on national TV. (God doesn't care for John's body of work.)
  • Breaking away from that liberal Jon Stewart weasel to serve God full-time.
  • Being Catholic.
  • Being Stephen is rich from spreading truthiness.
  • Hating bears.
  • "AmeriCone Dream" ice cream (God's favorite).
What I look like

Sources Edit

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