The No Fly List is a list of names, much like Santa Clause keeps to see which kiddies are good and which are bad. This list, however, determines whether the TSA and the FAA will allow you to board a commercial airplane. If you have been accused of being one of those awful islamocommunofascist terrorists, hopefully you will be put on this list. If you have not yet been accused, but you think you may be one, turn yourself in now. This will ensure the safety of non-islamocommunofascist terrorists here in America.

Notable People on the No Fly ListEdit

  • Tom Cruise, went crazy and started jumping up and down on his seat.
  • Jay Leno, screamed 'bomb' to try and call attention to himself.
  • Osama bin Laden, orchestrated the Nine-Eleven attacks.
  • Bill Clinton, helped bin Laden orchestrate the Nine-Eleven attacks.
  • Stephen Colbert is just too cool not to be on a cool list like this (he has his own private jet anyway).

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