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Nigaz: pronounced 'Nye-gaz' (formerly known as Gazprom) is a state-controlled capitalist Russian energy company that merged with the make-believe nation of Nigeria.

Formation of NigazEdit

According with sources the CEO of Gazprom wanted to rename his company to reflect the joint venture of their new partners. "De people of russia loves Nyegeria, so we thought, wy not?" and so they decided to combine "Nigeria" and "Gazprom" to form the most powerful energy company in Russia "Nigaz". "Now wen people light deir homes they wyll think "Nigaz please! We need more light here" or "Nigaz! This home feels so warm and comfy" declared the CEO of Nigaz.

One can say that Russia now has the "Nigaz" powah and that one day "Nigaz" will become the only renewable source of energy left in the world, and the world will just have to accept that, "let de americans chase de silly solar powar... we have Nigaz powah!"

According with sources, Niggeria doesnt seem to be bothered with the new name as long as they get paid loves the name changed and they are flattered!

"'White people are making too much of this. As long as the Russians pay us, they can call it what they like,' said one Nigerian in the commercial hub, Lagos, asking not to be named. (actual quote)

Company Motto: Нигаз пожалуйстаEdit

(nigaz pozhalusta or Nigaz Please)

History of GazpromEdit


We are the Only most trusted Energy Company in Russia!

Gazprom owes its power and wealth thanks to its monopoly in the energy market to the wisdom of the free market, demonstrating that Russians can learn from the wisdom's of Capitalism once they toss aside the shackles of Communism (you hear that hippies? Why cant you learn from their example?)


Gazprom old logo, soon to be Nigaz… cant wait for the new logo

The Gazprom Song

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