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Randomness does, however, work for

Al Franken
Nicolas Sarkozy has earned
Nicolas Sarkozy
est trop Français
veuillez l'éditer pour le rendre plus vrai dans les tripes
Stab in the back?
Or slap in the face?
Nicolas Sarkozy is one of America's Frenemies.

The winner of the 2007 French presidential election. Whilst initially showing an admirable intention to help in the ass kicking of Saddam Hussain, his attitude with time has become more cheese eatingly Surrenderish. His stated aims for his presidential term are to reform the French communist economy into a more freedom loving free market economy however even the implementation of the proposed reforms would still leave them slighty to the left of Cuba.


Love LifeEdit

President Sarkozy is married to Carla Bruni, a former supermodel and pretty much the only reason anyone pays attention to French politics. The Sarkozys and the Bushes are the bestest of pals, and often get together on the weekends at the Bushes' whites only rent-controlled exclusive condo in Dallas, Texas. Carla and Laura Bush go the living room to talk about, I don't know, sewing, while George and Nicolas ("Little Nicky", as George calls him) go out to the back yard and practice shoot with pictures of Jacques Chirac and Bill Clinton, respectively.

Sarkozy would like to spend more time with his beloved trophyarm candy wife, but he's a busy man, consumed with the affairs of state and his all-consuming quest for shoes that make him look taller than she is. Carla understands.

Early lifeEdit

Pál Sárközy was born to an Imigrant family of Hungarians. With time Sarko has learned the error of his ways and developed an impressive distain for Imigrants. Sources close to him have revealed that one of his first acts on achieving power will be to deport his parents back to Hungary were they belong.

Economic PolicyEdit

Reinvigorate an inefficient hairy armpitted French economy, particularly privatization of the baguette and garlic industries.

National policyEdit

The removal of all first and second generation imigrants from France, apon completion of this objective Sarko will relinquish his position as president and deport himself to Hungary.

Foreign PolicyEdit

Poverty PolicyEdit

Monsieur Sarkozy has hired les femmes to assist in explaining his special programmes for the poor Frenchmen or les pauvres. Sarkozy's voix spéciale is Fadela Amara, who shares an Algerian and immigrant background with her patron.


"I surrender"

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