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Origins Edit

The nickle originated in Mordor, first used as the major currency by orcs, Nazgul, and even Sauron himself.

Along with all the rings Sauron made, he decided to make money with his 'skizzlez' of crafting. The first attemt looked mor elike a penny bent in half, and Sauron knew this, even though the penny wouldn't be invented until 2.1 AD when baby Jesus needed something to cook his drugs on. So Sauron tried again and again, but to no avail. So he hired Sauraman to help him. Sauraman told him it was completely impossible. Sauron was to prove him wrong, five years after the One ring was found. Once the nickle was invented, everyone wanted one. They knew it was just a worthless little piece of metal, but they all wanted one nonetheless.

Frodo decided he'd trade the one ring for one, but failed because Gollum bit his finger off and the ring plunged into the volcano, destroying his chances of ever getting a nickel. When the One ring was finally found after being melted, the birth of the one-dollar coin began. all nickels were tossed aside, and Sauron made 40,000 more One Rings, and melted them in the volcano, creating the first 40,001 one dollar coins. soon he ran out of metal, and turned to cotton fibers, green ink, black glazed ink, and ultraviolet metal strips. And thus, the birth of the 2-dollar bill. millions of these were made in Fort Knox, originally called 'Gondor'.

And that concludes the story of the nickle.

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