Baby Jesus
The Baby Jesus and The Baby Satan
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New York Magazine

The Greatest Living American graces the cover of New York Magazine

New York Magazine is known for its consistent, almost idolatrous worship of Stephen Colbert. On the other hand, it has also been known to contain liberal filth, because it is meant for the snobby liberal elitists and the gays of New York City.

Stephen's ArticleEdit

Our Glorious Stephen was featured on the cover of the October 16, 2006 edition of the magazine. The accompanying article just rambles on about how great he is, and how he is single-handedly saving America from liberals, bears, and facts.


New York Magazine has been known to employ homosexuals. In truth, one of these employees, David France (author of The Science of Gaydar), actually came onto The Report to get nailed by Stephen.

The magazine also contains many things that appeal to fancy-pants liberals, such as facts, crossword puzzles, and Hollywood news. ReferenceEdit

Not only do the people at New York Magazine love Stephen, they also love! Check out the Bears in a Submarine reference here.


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