New South Wales
is one of Australia's states.

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The Australian State of NEW SOUTH WALES
New South Wales
Capital: DisneyLand
Official Flower: Waratah-Telopea specimiossa
Official Language: English-sort of.
Official Animal: Fucker
Official Beeyah: Who's asking? What're you, some kinda bloody poofta?
Motto: He Who Dares, Whinges
Nickname: The Only Awesome State.
Governor General: Justin Case
Official Anthem: I'm in love with a fucker
Population: 5 000 004
Remaining English Prisoner Population:

3 456

So thats wat the hole was in the not-so-electrecuting-fence. Damn!

Rabbit, Sheep or Kangaroo Population: Millions, but not as many sheep as New Zealand.
Standard MPH: We use metric down here. I mean, we're not hillbillies (aka Yanks)
Principal imports: Japanese, Korean tourists, Asians in General
Principal exports: Mull
Principal industries: Growing & harvesting mull
Good Fact: Crocodile Dundee lives here!
Bad Fact: So does Jaws!

History of New South WalesEdit

Can you imagine a place being described as "the perfect place for Hys Majesteys Prisone.."(sick)(sic)?Well, thats Sydney Harbour. If you need a place to shovel your human refuse from the slums of your cities, or a place to stash the more dimwitted Irish rebels(You'd hang the smart ones naturally), this fits the bill. A million miles from anywhere close to anywhere decent. Anyhow, in 1788 a bunch of criminals were shipped out to NSW. These crooks were known as the Rum Corps and yes they were the drunkest, laziest regiment in the British Army. Not very keen on doing anything aproaching work, they had also brought with them several hundred convicts to dig the latrines. All 782 convicts in that first fleet were immediately made redundant upon arrival when It was discovered that Sydney was already a giant outdoor latrine. Mass unemployment threatened to bring the fledgling economy to a halt and many convicts had to eke out a living shitting bricks and spreading smallpox.

The first state to be colonized by the evil invader Captain James Cook (not be confused with Captain Hook from Peter Pan) whom later got eaten by cannibals on another Pacific Island, which serves him right.

Hey. If he didn't come to Australia, then none of the AA's (Awesome Aussies) would be here. Some of us (not me) wouldn't even exist (because somewhere down the line, there mum mixed with the natives). (by some random person)

The last time NSW won the State of Origin Schapelle Corby wasn't in jail.

New South Wales TodayEdit

Seems very civilised until you get out of the toursit areas then the true NSW is exposed. If you want to stay safe you should stay the night at Kings Cross.

New South Wales Climate & GeographyEdit

Hot n Dry, except when cool and raining.

New South Wales CitiesEdit

  • Newcastle
  • Cessnock
  • Campbelltown
  • Parramatta
  • Katoomba
  • Liverpool
  • Tamworth
  • Wagga Wagga
  • Cowra
  • Gosford
  • Moss Vale
  • Port Maquarie
  • Dapto
  • Dubbo

New South Wales LandmarksEdit

  • Kiama Blowhole
  • Kings Cross Station
  • Opera Horse
  • Three Sisters Deformation
  • Blue Mountains
  • Great Dividing Range
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge (aka 'The Goat Hanger').
  • Dapto Lake
  • Gerringong Hole

New South Wales CultureEdit

  • Gay & Lebian Mardi Gras
  • Tropfest (same thing)
  • Mardi Grass
  • V8 Supercar racing in Bathurst.

Famous People From New South WalesEdit

  • Rolf Harris
  • Wally Lewis
  • Gary Ablett
  • Don Dunstan
  • Errol Flynne
  • Kevin Rudd

A Typical Day in New South WalesEdit

Like San Diego on a Sunday

Strange Laws Unique To New South WalesEdit

  • It is unlawful to wax your cat after Arbor Day.
  • You must lose State of Orgin no matter how bad QLD play

If you see a sheep you must give it to a New Zealander

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