New Jerusalem
makes The Baby Jesus sad.
Does your mother know you read these filthy liberal myths?

The New Jerusalem is the actual heaven that we will be when we are caught up in a twinkling of an eye known as the Rapture. We will be there for all eternity. Praise the Lord. Without dictators, evil fascists, Wikinazis of Wiki***ia, our lord Jesus will be our leader. There will be a president though — our Greatest President, His Holiness George W. Bush.

According to John the Revelator, The New Jerusalem is made of Gold, Onyx, beryl, jasper, ruby, sapphire, emerald, and all the kinds of precious stones. The city has 12 gates, each of them has a pearl. The gates never closed because there's no night, nor moon, nor sun, nor stars, only our saviour is the light and he will reign for all eternity. Inside the city, the streets are made of transparent gold. Sinners are forbidden to enter this city.

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