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Neville Chamberlain
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Neville Chamberlain was the impotent (both literally and figuratively) decider of England during the outbreak of World War II. Chamberlain is more famous for what he didn't do than for what he did. Like the French, and the Blame Ignorance Firsters, Chamberlain had a policy of "appeasement". Appeasement is giving your enemy everything they want in hopes that they will stop wanting more. In Chamberlain's case, Adolf Hitler of Nazi Germany, was appeased to the point in which the Nazis controlled Austria, Poland, Italy, New Zealand, and Denmark. Finally a hero in the name of Winston Churchill had the balls to stand up to Hitler.

The failed appeasement policy of Chamberalain can be applied to modern day. Having an extensive knowledge of history, our glorious leader George W. Bush, had learned that preemptive action not appeasement, was the key to defeating any dictator. In Bush's case, he sucessfully invaded Iraq to capture Al Qaeda leader, Saddam Hussein.

Despite his manifest shortcomings, Chamberlain remains both a hero and role model for liberals everywhere.

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