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A nerdgasm is the closest a nerd will get to having an orgasm.

Typical Causes Edit

  • A new advance in the field of string theory is published by Stephen Hawking
  • A Ti-89 Titanium is purchased
  • A Star Trek convention is scheduled to come to his/her town
  • A nerd meets a pasty-white female specimen fluent in Klingon
  • A new model of Pocket Protector comes out
  • Thick Glasses
  • Anime Porn
  • Any porn you have watched and said to yourself "Who would watch this dog on monkey on chick on horse action?". Nerds watch it.
  • World of Warcraft comes out with an expansion pack

Possible Signs Edit

  • Pens exploding in pocket protectors
  • Downloading porn onto graphing calculators (see, Ti-89 Titanium)
  • Banging girls named Meredith

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