The Baby Jesus doesn't like
She's just a false goddess
but she's always making moves on The Baby Jesus' Daddy!

Sailor Neptune: The Mighty goddess of the Sea!
Anyone knows if she is looking for new converts?

Neptune is the Roman goddess of the Sea after she was selected democratically elected by the gods to replace Poseidon. While the gods acknowledge that she is a way better looking eye-candy for the mass of feeble worshipers, it is a cry shame that she is in actuality a lesbo. Rumor has it that Neptune could also be the fable Goddess of Lesbianism.

Misstress of the SeaEdit



Turning the US Navy into a Summer of Love Lezbian CampEdit

(America Agrees, it is a sort of improvement... but let us watch!)


The New US Navy, under the Command of The Goddess Neptune, is considered to be an… improvement… right?
(It did increase female recruitment up to 500%)

Neptune: Lezbian Goddess and Lover of all WyminEdit

Her Cousin Goddess UranusEdit

External TubesEdit

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