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This is taken from the facebook group 'Right White'.

People are always saying, wait Ryan, you're not white, why are you defending white people's rights. Well yes, sure my skin may be brown but to those ignorant narrow-minded primal people let me say this: i am white. did i just blow your mind? it's true. but not the white of yesteryears. this is a new era, the era of neo-whitism. what is it exactly? neo-whitism is a term describing the ideology of the 'new' whites who play disadvantageous social roles because they miss out on things everyday minorities go through. woo, was that too text-booky? okay, to put it simply, you can be a neo-white if you are discriminated against because you have money, power and are Christian....regardless of your skin colour.

Origins of Neo-WhitismEdit

Early Leaders in the Neo-Whitism MovementEdit

Modern Neo-WhitismEdit

How Neo-Whitism Differs From WhitismEdit

Neo-Whitism BeliefsEdit

Political correctness is the foundation of Neo-Whitism. Political correctness, the evil spawn of white guilt and social progressives (aka America Haters), seek to render illegal the status of being white. More specifically, political correctness is utilized by neo-whitists to limit dissemination of information. Leaders of Neo-Whitism including Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Reverend Wright realized that race-baiting persons who are white, hold power, or have been economically successful was the best way to advance their racist agenda.

Famous Neo-Whitist AdherentsEdit

Condoleeza Rice

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