Ned Jarrett
wakes up in the morning and pisses excellence!
Ned Jarrett
is a Beautiful Republican
God Bless America

Ned Jarrett is a former NASCAR driver, gentleman Republican, and father to current NASCAR driver Dale Jarrett. He was one of the first NASCAR drivers, along with Ralph Earnhardt, Lee Petty, Junior Johnson, and Jesus.


Ned only drove 13 seasons in his career, but won 50 races and the 1961 and 1965 NASCAR Championships. However, even though he won the 1965 championship, his sponsor decided to pull out of the sport. Jarrett retired at the age of 34, the only champion to ever retire while still champion.

After RacingEdit

Arguably, Ned's most notable post-racing career moment was when he interviewed President Ronald Reagan during the last race that Richard Petty won, in 1984. He also convinced his son Dale to "race the truck" during the 2004 NASCAR season. (Dale's sponsor, UPS, had been trying to get him to race one of their trucks since 2001.) Dale still races the truck today.

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