Neanderthal Edit


John Kerry a.k.a Neanderthal from hell

A Neanderthal is a mystical creature, which takes the form of a monkey but with no tail. Its name comes from the, o lets say, latin term neo meaning new, and lets say anderthal meaning Satan. It's origins are unknown. The creatures bones were set upon from the communist leader Satan on the earth, trying to fool good hearted Christians into believing that humans came from monkeys. The people who believe this are Liberal god hating Communist.

How old are these made up creatures? Edit

We'll, its not for sure, but evil men called"Scientists" Believe there from thousands, maybe even millions of years ago. Though, we can't take their word for it, seeing how they hate God, which makes the baby Jesus sad

The danger of these mythological beasts Edit

Its a common fact that liberal communist hippy's are really Satans more advanced Neanderthal. This just adds to the bundles of cold hard fact's that God hates liberals. Though these bones are fake, it's wildly known that we have Neanderthals who were right in front of our eyes. Karl marx being one of these Neanderthals

Karl Marx

How to Defeat a Neanderthal Edit

There are a couple ways. The best way is to declare a massive war on terror, this eliminates many Neanderthals. But if happen to find yourself in a Communist Liberal part of town and encounter a Neanderthal, you can defeat him/her. One way to defeat him/her is to splash holy water on it, that'll keep it down for an hour or so.

There is one last alternative and that is wearing a Ronald Reagan mask. The Neanderthal will tremble before the great right wing image and coward away to its dwelling where it will smoke Reefer and listen to Grateful Dead.

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