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The Navy Seals are a highly trained branch of the Navy. They are the best in the world and work in small teams that range from two to sixteen people. Hooyah!

Training Edit


Seals in training getting all wet and sandy in BUD'S

The Seals require a brutal six month training program. BUD'S is known as Basic Underwater Demolition. All Seals have to go though this. The hardest part is in week three, and is known as "Hellweek" this is where most of the people give up. During "Hellweek" the Seals in training have to endure a brutal week where they have to do drills for five days straight with only four hours of sleep in total for the five days. They are fed a hot meal four times a day but are given little time to eat. Over the next few years the Navy Seals are trying to gain members and have 3000 active seals but not reduce the quality of the warriors they are producing. As of now the Seals have about 2600 active members.

Criticism Edit

The Navy Seals have been accused of taking torture to far with terrorists and they have also been known to kill bears with their bare hands. Also many people in England compare the British SAS to the Seals. Many say the Seal's are better, many say the SAS is better but they both work on some of the same missions. But everyone knows that if the Navy Seals fought the British SAS the Navy Seals would win because America always beats England.

Fears Edit

The only person that the U.S Navy Seals fear is Stephen Colbert.

Uniforms Edit

The Navy Seals uniform is unlike the typical navy uniform. They where civilian clothes with a big fur coat made only from bear fur.

Facts Edit

  • President Kennedy, on May 25, 1962 established the Navy Seals.
  • S.E.A.L stands for Sea Air and Land, which are all the areas of operation for the Navy Seals.
  • The main base where the Seals are trained is located in Coronado, California.
  • The internets division of the Seals has more members than the real Seals has ever had.
  • The U.S. Navy Seals were the first troops to see action in Afghanistan and Iraq.
  • The U.S. Navy Seals use only the latest and greatest weapons.

Games Edit

There are a few video games based on the Navy Seals. The major one is called SOCOM. Mainly Socom is for people who would rather play pretend navy seals then go outside and train to be a real one.

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