Just who is Nash McCabe? Edit

Nash McCabe is a "random Pennsylvania voter" who is "undecided" about her choice for the 2008 Demoncrat Presidential nominee. Even though Mrs. McCabe is currently unemployed, has thousands of dollars in health care bills from taking care of her very sick husband and is currently checking to see if she qualifies for assistance from a local food bank, she heroically put all her life's difficulties aside when she asked a videotaped "question" to Barack Hussein Obama during the ABC "Debate" on April 16th, 2008 regarding the Mooslim candidate's refusal to wear a flag pin.

Mrs. McCabe stressed in her "question" that she was not questioning Barack Hussein Obama's patriotism. Critics have ridiculed Mrs. McCabe for asking what they considered to be such a ridiculous question, however our great Stephen considers McCabe to be a true patriot for ignoring trivial issues like the economy and getting to the real problem of this election, why Barack Hussein Obama never wears a flag pin!

"How would you like to go on television, Mrs. McCabe?" Edit

Mrs. McCabe was approached by former President Bill Clinton's press secretary George Stephanopoulos, who was impressed at the way McCabe had previously handled herself in the media when she stood up against Barack Hussein Obama's flat-out refusal to wear a flag pin. As any true Conservative knows, not wearing a flag pin means that The Baby Muhammed kills off another of our brave troops currently serving their hundred year tour in Iraq.

Mrs. McCabe was later rewarded by Stephanopoulos and happy Clinton campaign workers and ABC executives for her help in derailing Barack Hussein Obama's freight train of popularity among other undecided voters. Look for Mrs. McCabe to star in many other ABC series this year, she is scheduled to replace Barbara Walters on "The View" when Walters retires, will have an appearance on "Extreme Makeover", will be competing on the next season of "Dancing With The Stars", and will also become one of the new regular cast members on "LOST".

Footnotes Edit

McClatchy Washington Buerau, "Obama questioner explains why she finds him annoying"

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