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Narnia (narr nee uh) is a fantasy world created by Irishman Clive Staples Lewis. There are a series of books that take place both in the real world and Narnia called, "The Chronicles of Narnia" (made famous by movie and tv adaptations). The name "Narnia" is synonymous with America and is an obvious acronym for NeoAmerican Realm for the attainment of Non-Nihilisitc Incarnation and Arbitration (or more precisely NARFTAONNIAA).


Humans From Our WorldEdit

Though never fully chronicled like the adventures of the Pevensie children (Peter, Edmund, Lucy, and Susan), current president George W. Bush often visits Narnia. He has gained much criticism for his "bad leadership" but that can now be disproven by the fact that he was being controlled by the evil Queen Jadis, democrat, of Narnia. It seems she confused him with her magical Turkish Delight and made him seem 'unstrategicalistical'. This is just another example of the Democratic Party bringing the white human down. V.P. Cheney said, "The injustices that the last scion of the house of Charn has committed will be a long period of deliberation and eventually you will forget. We would also like to make it known that President Bush gets crazy when he drinks."

American and Narnian ParallelsEdit

Narnia was created by a great song (incontrovertibly "The Star Spangled Banner") just as the angel Gabriel once sang to create the world of America. Narnia often gets visits from the lion Aslan (a manifestation of God) just as America is visited by Stephen Colbert Mon-Thurs @ 10:30 CST.

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