Osama bin Lisa
Mahmoud Ahmedi-Narcoterrorist-nejad is a terrorist.

A narcoterrorist from South America. Are these the people you want illegally immigrating here and taking your jobs, America?

Narcoterrorists are terrorists who do drugs.

Narcoterrorists simply do the wrong drugs, that's all. If they'd put down the coke, the meth, and the smack and just smoke the reefers they wouldn't be terrorists any longer. It's a proven fact that marijuana causes lethargy, munchies, cotton mouth, and hippies. The most damage these "terrorists" could do after smoking up a bunch of ganja is a lot of liberal whining, lying on the couch complaining that they can't find the remote, and clogging up public transportation by carrying their dumb bicycles on the train.

In fact, there is a growing body of evidence to suggest that the connection between narcotics and terrorists, such as those made here, are false. I think we can all agree that narcoterrorism is sleepy terrorism. This is evident by the term "sleeper cells". It is unknown if the terrorists are suffering from narcolepsy or if they instead commit acts of terrorism against the sleeping. Everyone knows that illicit drugs were defeated in the War on Drugs. How could anyone possibly get the idea that narcoterrorism is related to illicit drugs if we don't talk about illicit drug problems anymore? Everyone knows that it isn't real unless people talk about it. For example, we don't talk about Africa, and because of that, Africa is obviously not real! See how simple it is?

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