God Touching Adam
you have been touched in a very special way.

Naileontology is the study of how to Nail.

Background Edit

The origin of Naileontology is of much heated debate. It is unknown whether Papa Bear Bill O'Reilly or Stephen Colbert created the course, but what is known, is that Stephen has perfected the art of Naileontology.

Course Description Edit

To major in Naileontology is to do more than select a method of Nailing; it is to identify with the art of nailing. Whether students decide someday to specialize in nailing people, nailing recovery services, or to become teachers of nailing, they will learn to promote Nailiteracy and thoughtful ways of nailing in society. They will learn the connections between the nailer and the nailed and the special relationship formed from it.

Popular Courses in Naileontology Edit

  • NAIL 101: Introduction to Early Nailing History
  • NAIL 121: Nailing Composition I
  • NAIL 202: Masterpieces of Nailing
  • NAIL 666: Global Nailing, bogus fact or solid fiction-Al Dork guest lecturing
  • ADVANCED NAILERY 1011: The juxtapositioning of liberals with hammers-a driving experience

See AlsoEdit

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