In October, 2008, liberals whined that America, under the protections of The Greatest President Ever, were being protected from terrorists.

Some whistle blowers claimed the recording of such calls was "illegal." Real Americans know that in this new world, Post 9-11, we have to make sacrifices.

In an effort to educate Americans on why the whistle blowers are wrong in wantinf innocent American children to die a fiery death at the hands of terrorists and why the NSA should be given blanket immunity, The Greatest Administration Ever contacted certain internets tubes to assist in a special education program. was chosen to post some of the transcripts showing that Americans have nothing to worry about.

If you come across any of these calls or transcripts, you are asked to add them below.

***Add A New Transcript!***


Call # 57-28905, March 14, 2003Edit

  • Speaker #1 Hello?
  • Speaker #2 (unintelligible)
  • Speaker #1 Hello!
  • Speaker #2 Domino's Pizza, may I take your order?
  • Speaker #1 (shouting away from receiver) I can't hear anything!
  • Speaker #2 Hello? This is Domino's did you want to order a pizza?
  • Speaker #1 This fucking phone sucks!
  • Speaker #2 (unintelligible) (hangs up)
  • Speaker #1 Hello! Damn it!


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