is too Canadian, speak American, eh.
Al Franken
NDP has earned

Overview Edit


The NDP logo, behind a marijuana leaf... coincidence?

The New Democratic Party, known as New Destruction Party, is the single greatest threat to Canadian politics today. They press for gay rights, legal marijuana, making it illegal to hunt and kill bears, and "fixing" the ozone. Luckily, nobody ever votes for the NDP, except hipsters, homeless people and people who wear toupés, and they've never had enough seats for anyone to care about them.

As with the increase in the power of a mysterious moustache and walking stick, many of the canadian citizens have now become hipsters, gay, and/or bears. While the immediate impact of this on the canadian politics is unknown - and forever won't be known. There definitivily is a warm fuzzy feeling just under the nose of this party.

Platform Edit

Do you want a new democracy? Vote NDP! They promise you: "The production of goods and services shall be not for profit."

How is that possible, you say?

"Control through economic and social planning; social ownership."

That's right, Canadians. Give the NDP power and overnight:

  • it's not your car
  • it's not your house
  • those are not your appliances
  • you will never earn another penny in your life

Imagine not having to go to work and to slave away for a paycheque, the NDP says. What they don't tell you is that it's not the work they're planning to take away. Who needs a paycheque when you trade ration coupons for food and receive your personal possessions when the government identifies your need?

So join the NDP -- that way, when it all goes down, at least you'll be on the right side of the gun! Imagine the look on your old boss's face as you force him at gunpoint to dig Us a trench! Now that's social justice!

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