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National Aeronautics and Spaceyness Administration

Nerds in Space!

Nasa innovation

An organization of Americans who, despite being Scientists, helped America stake its rightful claim as owner of the moon. NASA is currently involved in projects to conquer Mars, Pluto, and the one planet with all the rings (which the nerds call Saturn).

Most recently, NASA has been charged by Professor Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A. with the momentous task of sending huge rockets to the Sun to make the Sun orbit around America's Planet. This is a huge responsibility that NASA is currently working hard on. The project is scheduled for completion in the year 2075.

Another project in the works is the Stephen Colbert Human Project - NASA's plan to broadcast the Colbert Report into space so than any aliens who might be listening will know that when they come here they should do so with intenet to pay the highest homage to the leader of the Colbert Nation....or get their asses kicked!!!

Technological InnovationsEdit

Non-Space-Related VenturesEdit


NASA's line of organic teasEpisode #521

  • Space camp
  • organic teas

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