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NAACP = Not Askin', Ain't Complainin', People

This group promotes an agenda of combating racism. Since Stephen Colbert ended racism on February 1, 2007, there is clearly no longer much need for this group. This might lead you to the conclusion that the NAACP would fold up their aprons, take off their white gloves, and go home. Well, don't hold your breath.

Without the support of racism to frame their anti-racist liberal agenda, the NAACP will have no "front" operation to cover the fact that their real function all these years has been to support the lazy ethnics and their Jew lawyers from the ACLU. The group is truly worthless, except as a mouthpiece for communists, intellectuals, welfare moms, drug lords, academics, and Al Sharpton.

In order to make themselves a more relevant organization for the 21st Century, and to make their membership more fair and balanced, the NAACP should adopt the plan that Dr. Stephen Colbert, D.F.A. developed for the Congressional Black Caucus: they should admit white members in order to prove that they are color-blind.

Fun FractEdit

The NAACP held out for 5 years until they finally gave into the greatness of President Bush and let him talk at their event.

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