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Mystical Body of Christ was a Featured Word on 5/9/07.
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God Touching Adam
"Mystical Body of Christ"
you have been touched in a very special way.

You'd faint too after a Mystical Body Experience

The Catholic Church is the Mystical Body of Christ on Earth. Pope Pius XII said so in an encyclical.

Everyone who is baptized in the Catholic Church and accepts the authority of the bishops and the pope is part of the Mystical Body. This is why there was never and could never be such a thing as a "priest scandal" in the Church.

Priests and altar boys are all part of the same mystical body so there is no such thing as "inappropriate touching." It was all just a misunderstanding about the Mystical Body performing cancer self-examinations.

Pope John XXIII's liberal Second Vatican Council allowed that maybe -- just maybe -- even baptized Protestants might be part of the Mystical Body. Maybe. This might be of help, if only the preachers who are advising Ted Haggard would take advantage of it.

How It Got Its NameEdit

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The "Tittering" IssueEdit

The doctrine of the Mystical Body was proclaimed by Pope Pius after an extended altar-wine tasting party with several of Mussolini's capos in 1943. It seemed like a good idea in the afterbrush of the experience, but nuns who had to explain the idea to adolescent school boys soon discovered that the doctrine would send the boys into fits of tittering that would last for weeks on end.

Just about everywhere in the world, Catholic boys thought of naughty interpretations of the notions. This was very embarrassing to the innocent nuns. It's one of the main reasons Catholics still often separate boys and girls schools.

Despite the segregation, the tittering continued in boys' schools. In the end, nuns decided that they'd talk about the mysteries of the Mystical Body only in girls' schools, so this has become one of those Catholic beliefs -- like the evils of patent leather shoes -- that girls know about, but most boys (at least the few of them who haven't had sex -- aka "Mystical Body Union" -- with a priest) don't.

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God Touching Adam
"Mystical Body of Christ"
is Most Beloved by God over all His creations
Now and Forever, Amen.

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