Hey, where the hell is
I don't care, it's not America...hey nice ass, lady!
Al Franken
Myanmar has earned
Hello, Kitty
Hello, Myanmar
Asian and very good at math.

We have always been known as Myanmar.

Myanmar is some country way far east, somewhere between India and Japan. It is woefully behind the times, as can be seen by the fact that the commies seize control there at the end of the Cold War!

A Country By Any Other Name...Edit

There is a minor controversy over the name. Some people respect the leaders of Myanmar to call it what the leaders of Myanmar call it: Myanmar.

Others, like The Greatest President Ever get a little confused with all the name changing. Once the natural gas reserves are sorted out, so too will the name.

The History of the Eternal Nation of MyanmarEdit



Everyone in Burma is forced to wear red and worship Stalin.

  • Under their raging red rulers, Myanmar has become partner of Communist China.
  • Myanmar has never had Buddhist monks living there, even in groups of five or more.
  • The Baby Buddha has never lived in Myanmar. Myanmar is a Christian nation, or soon will be once the natural gas reserves are sorted out.
  • Rambo will be going there soon.
  • Myanmar has always had a constitution

Cyclone NargisEdit

On May 3, 2008, Myanmar was ravaged by Cyclone Nargis. This cyclone teaches us a very important lesson: that Al Gore is a big fat greedy pinko!

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