My 2 dads was a pilot produced in the early seventies by liberal hippie scum in order to destroy Christian values through use of newly emerging television technology. It was ripped from the airwaves and classified by the Ford administration, later declassified through the Clinton led Freedom of Information Act. Thanks Bill, for destroying the Human race one nosy Homo at a time. Next I bet these Liberal Nazi know it alls will wanna let Queers into This Man's Army.


The damnable cast of the My 2 Dads pilot television transmission.


Say what you will about civil rights, but if I caught someone wearing this shirt, I would have to curb their glittered enthusiasm, eat it Film Critic Rex Reed!


Is this what you Liberal Faggot smokers really want? I'd rather see this child educated in our top flight orphanage system. If this child ever asks sir for more, he'll certainly give it to him, right up the poop shoot!

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