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Hey Ma!
Pack your banjo and chewin' t'backer, we fixin' to enjoy us some


Meet the Mullets
Billy Joe, Betty Joe and lil' Bubba Joe.


The Jesus Mullet
And the Lord gave unto Jesus a mullet, and said, "it is good...

The following page is deliberately written in redneckese.

Dag nabbit, mullets rock! They's the hairstyle that never goes out-of-date! If you's a blue-collar God-fearin' redneck American family you need mullets to show yer classiness! Momma, poppa, and the little 'uns. Even the dog!

Business Up Front, Party Out Back Edit

Git 'er done!

Mullets is made by buzzing the sides and leaving the back long. The front can be left short to show yer tuff. Or you can have bangs if you's a woman, a queerosexual or you's got a job interview.


"Mullett Rider"
Currently in production by Sony Pictures, chronicles the misadventures of Napolean Firecracker as he travels the Great South on his chopper in search of Big Macs.

Famous mullet wearers Edit

Fractoids Edit

  • Mullets are often hereditary. Just shave your head then grow it for 8 months.
  • The Bible tells you both keeping your hair long and cutting it short is shameful. Maybe a mullet is biblical?!

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