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Muhammad Yunus
has been a guest of The Colbert Report
and got nailed in the process

Dr. Colbert's guest on January 10, 2008


  • Muhammad Yunus
    • from Bangladesh
      • in English it means basket case
    • Nobel Peace Prize winner for Microloans in 2006
    • author Creating A World Without Poverty
    • wants to eliminate poverty
    • runs Grameen Bank
    • global need a penny, take a penny
      • like George Bailey Savings & Loan
    • 97% loans go to women
      • his personal pick up line
    • micro means tiny
    • first loan was $27 divided among 42 people
    • 7.5 million borrowers
    • average loan is $150
    • qualify
      • one room house
      • no furniture
      • leaky roof
      • few pots and pans

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