Muammar Ghadaffi
is a Former United States-Supported Dictator
Internationally Reviled for Acts of Genocide.
Osama bin Lisa
Mahmoud Ahmedi-Muammar Ghadaffi-nejad is a terrorist.



Muammar Ghadaffi's theme song as well as the national anthem of Libya under his rule.

The bitches love Muammar Ghadaffi.

Ghadaffi confirms Obama is a Muslim!

Well, someone's "nightstick is at attention."

Muammar "I likes them rough" Ghadaffi AKA Ghadaffi Duck is one tricky dude. Especially his name. There are an estimated 4000 ways to spell it. Some are Muamar Queerdaffy (it can be spelled with q's to), Mahmoud Ahmegadaffinejad, Moomar Gaydaffi, Yourmomma Ghaffytaffy, Mooammar Ghadaffyduck, etc. Anyhow, for a guy who didn't care much for Ronald Reagan, he's somehow found a way to be America's friend. Perhaps missing The Gipper has softened him? Mission Accomplished, Mr. Reagan. Mission Accomplished.

We don't know too much about this so-called Libyan strongman, I mean, have you ever seen him lift a truck with his bare hands? Of course not. What an odd thing to call him. He can however be credited with inspiring Dr. Stephen Colbert to form his own elite guard of sexily deadly female bodyguards. I mean, damn. I wouldn't mind getting a fisted massage from one of those soft and silky killing machines.

Speaking for Mooslims everywhere, Ghadaffi has confirmed that Obama is a muslim.


Obama BAD, Ghadaffi BAD, Bombs GOOD

Libya's Secret Weapon: Ghadaffi's ramblingEdit


Ghadaffi attempted to use his "deadly weapon" on the UN, but thank God he was speaking on a foreign language so no one was hurt... except his personal translator who we heard he had to be hospitalized in an insane asylum

The reason that Libya stopped researching a nucular weapon is because they discovered they had the most deadliest weapon all this time, Ghadaffi himself! Just give the man a podium and he could drive you insane... literally!

America's Counter Weapon: BushismEdit

No one can out-due Bush or his Bushisms, no one..., Ghadaffi you had been warned...

2011: The Freedom FluEdit

Gaddafi Hopeless

After the collapse of Tunisia and Egypt, it was only a matter of time before Libya would get infected with the freedom-virus., Libya is such a slut. As it was predicted by the Greatest President Ever, democracy is spreading in the middle-east! The Lesbyns infected with the freedom-flu have decided that they are tired of being ruled by a fat Keith Richards impersonator. But Ghadaffi is protected by an army of hot lesbianic amazons (and 3 blond Ukrainian nurses[1]) and they have pledge to protect his life in exchange of securing future lesbian orgies.

Ghadaffi promised to fight to the last man and the protesters gave him what he wanted.

Ghadaffi's son also promised a river of blood to wash out some of that revolution.

The Nescafe PlotEdit

LibyanBlend exiledsurfer

Nescafe supports shown here in this photo depicting Ghadaffi's good friend Usama bin Laden

October 20, 2011Edit

Muammar Ghadaffi on his last act of desperation tried to summon Satan to defeat the revel forces, but instead Satan dragged his soul to Hell. Muammar Ghadaffi now lives in Hell's sewers.

Rip carlos santana

RIP, we shall miss your music.

Nigerian Prince Helps Move Ghadaffi's Vast FortuneEdit

Thanks to the death of Ghadaffi, now any Real American can share some of Ghadaffi's wealth! Why this Nigerian Prince promised us that we can keep some of the loot by paying a reasonable amount, just a few bucks to pay for the transaction fee; and by sharing our personal information, social security, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, birth certificate, family's personal information, child/spouse social security, etc they can transfer some of that oil money to a secret bank account that only very few privilege Americans can access to it. Don't worry, they wont share that information with anyone else. Why that is a bargain! I cant wait to get some of that money!

Gaddafi's Love InterestsEdit

External TubesEdit

Gaddafi dead set on clinging to power in Libya01:34

Gaddafi dead set on clinging to power in Libya

Ghadaffi to fight the series of tubes

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