Mr Goodwrench was a famous mechanic for General Motors. He went missing a few years ago and Stephen Colbert was given the honor of tracking him down. Stephen used all of the resources at his disposal to find Mr. Goodwrench but it was impossible for no one knew what Mr. Goodwrench looked like as no actual pictures of him exists.

GM declared Mr. Goodwrench legally dead in November 8, 2010.

In Memoriam: Mr. Goodwrench, 1977-2010

Search Update:

Mr. Goodwrench was actually killed by Stephen Colbert and he admitted of committing the heinous crime on November 16, 2010. But as we all know, unless you can produce a body, the crime never happened:

I have a confession to make. I actually found Mr. Goodwrench on the first day of shooting. And I murdered him. I had to! If they knew I’d found him, they would have ended the ad campaign. I needed that money! I have a boat! -- Stephen Colbert
Goodwrench colbert

This man is suspected on the disappearance of Mr. Goodwrench.

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Mr. Goodwrench Commercial

Where is Mr. Goodwrench?

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