Mrnoodle Mrnoodlebrother

History with Elmo Edit

A very guliable man who is assumed to be in his mid forties or fifties who lives with his pressumably twin brother named Mr. Noodle as well. The two brothers who live on Sesame Street where allianced with the evil criminal mastermind of Sesame Street today, Elmo the furry, red, drug dealing, mind washing monster when the two drug dealers housed Elmo when he first arrived to Sesame Street in hopes of doubling the crack production and distribution on Sesame Street to the muppet residents.

Elmo's World History with the Noodles Edit

In response to the deal, Elmo declined. Elmo saw the Noodles as too weak to run such an empire so he began to convince them to help him brainwash children through his own television show. When Elmo first presented his television show known as Elmo's World to young children in order to brainwash them into becoming liberal, drug addicted adults, the two brothers were fine until they began to sense lack of respect to which they attempted to overthrow Elmo. This resulted in Elmo abusing them for sveral years and sending them to Canada for many years of labor.

Elmo's World Today with the Noodles Edit

The experience in the realm of Elmo's father left the Noodles scared for the rest of eternity and sent them into a depression and drove them inot the use of drugs. The drugs they use come from Elmo which makes them even more usefull for Elmo. They both help his process of child mindwash by showing them extremley high and commanding them to do things as they humiliating themselves on television and by selling them drugs which earns more money for Elmo along with the other money he makes from other muppets drug supplies. It is funny yet informative how the Noodles are trapped in a lifelong contract working in the world we all wish will never spread outside the city of Sesame Street: Elmo's World.

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