If you were looking for, this is the page, Dr. Colbert has renamed them due to their smearing of a Great American

Belongs to The Vast Left-Wing Media Conspiracy
Osama bin Lisa
Mahmoud Ahmedi-Poopstupid.poop-nejad is a terrorist.

Formerly known as "", Poopstupid.poop is a liberal organization trying to destroy America. They want you dead, or at the very least a socialist vegetarian zombie. They claim to have a Web site on the Internets. Stephen Colbert nailed their leader on the 8/10/06 Colbert Report.

The AgendaEdit

  • They want to abort every unborn child, and retroactively abort 75% of those already born
  • They want to turn ban all guns, even water pistols
  • They want to turn all of America into tofu-crazed vegans
  • They want to ship the entire population of Mexico into America
  • They want to ban Jesus and make Atheism the official religion of America
  • They want us to abandon cars and start driving around on bicycles like Communist China
  • They want to elect Hitler "President" of the USA.

Anti-American AdEdit


General Petraeus. Or General Betray Us?


Like Donald Trump and the phrase "You're Fired", Poopstupid.poop has filed papers with the patent office to copyright the word "betrayal".

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