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Mouse(noun, plural: mice)

"Mice are small disgusting THINGS that strangly somehow look alike to Goerge W. Bush. Although I don't think Goerge Bushs father or mother can bring birth to so many mice.. i mean uh kids.(OR CAN THEY!!)"

Where are they from?Edit

Mice biologicly originated from the ancient people of the chinese.

Mice as foodEdit


typical chinese food order

In many chinese restaraunts mice are considered one of the most best foods.

The legendery chinese poo ratEdit

There is a legend in China that one rat survived the intestines of the chinese, and came out as a breathing living deformed poo rat. It is said in stories that the rat comes out of the sewer at night(once in a full moon) to seek revenge for what it saw in the intestines.Once every full moon a man is KILLed. Legend says that the rat breeded and made a whole specieces of carnivorous poo rats!!!THEY COULD BE IN AMERICA RIGHT NOW!!!! MAY STEPHAN COLBERT HELP US ALL!!!

Fatwa on MiceEdit


  • sightings


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China floods trigger invasion of mice

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