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Mount Rushmore
is one of the ways God Blessed America.

The Mountain after the end of the Reagan Era

What Is Mount Rushmore?Edit


The Greatest President Ever became a member of the Mount Rushmore Club after he invaded Iraq. Notice Reagan is absent, because he was on a post-mortem ass kicking trip in Baghdad.

Mount Rushmore is a mountain with famous presidents heads carved into it

How Was Mount Rushmore createdEdit

They regularly blast Mount Rushmore with dynamite to keep the faces carved into the mountain.

How Can Americans Enjoy Mount Rushmore?Edit

Mount Rushmore Fun FactsEdit



Liberals from Left Coast have conspired to keep Ronald Regan (sic) off Mount Rushmore, and to take his credit from single-handedly winning the Second World War, defeating the nazis and the communists, and giving advice on how Europe could recover purely on free-market grounds, and restoring America's honor and faith in Jesus.

While the theory of evolution's explanation for the Grand Canyon may seem plausible at first, it is obviously insufficient to explain Mount Rushmore's geological formation.


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