Dis be a list of the most famous shipwrecks of years past..

  1. RMS Titanic (no shit this is number one)
  2. RMS Lusitania (The reason we entered WWI)
  3. USS Arizona (Part of the reason we entered WWII)
  4. Edmund Fitzgerald (There's a song about it)
  5. Something American
  6. HMHS Britannic (Sister ship to Titanic, no wonder it sank. It was a hospital ship during WWI and no one knows if it was torpedoed or if it hit a mine: who really cares, it's Titanic's sister ship and it sank too.)
  7. Andrea Doria
  8. Maine
  9. General Slocum
  10. Monitor
  11. Bismarck
  12. HMS Victory
  13. RMS Carpathia (Ship that gets the credit for saving Titanic's survivors eventhough RMS Olympic, Titanic's other sister ship, showed up the next morning from 500 miles away. Carpathia was torpedoed.)
  14. SS Californian (Responsible for many of the deaths associated with Titanic. Thus, it was torpedoed by a German U boat during WWI.)
  15. RMS Olympic (It didn't sink, but it's Titanic's sister and was scrapped..I can pretend can't I)

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