Morris Day and the Time Edit

In 1971 Richard M. Nixon allowed his rising protege and campaign aide, a young man named Morris Day to go and pursue a singing career. Morris Day's music has captivated generations of Americans ever since. His songs about 'Ice Cream Castles' and the so-called 'Jungle Love' which he wanted to show you; were allegories on the nature of the Free Market.

Even in the White House, with Nixon, he often travelled with an entourage, and one man carried a 4ft. mirror everywhere for him. He needed to look good, it is a duty of a man of prestige and power to look good (See: Steven Colbert). A little man in purple, from the State of Minnesota challenged him, at a battle of the bands, and from there took the world by storm. That little man's name was Prince, and he always wore a Raspberry Beret, the kind you find in a second hand store.

After the Purple Rain Edit

Morris Day and his band, the Time, embarked on an epic tour, crossing the globe, until they disappeared in the Andes mountains. Prince has never stopped looking. It is often said that in the middle of a clear Summer's night, you can hear far off in the distance what sounds like 'Jungle Love'.

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