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The first astronauts on the Moon, pictured here in this rare color photograph from the bygone year of 1969. One of a number of photos created in NASA's underground Holywood sudio.

The Moon is perhaps the greatest hoax in the history of mankind. Sometime in the 1950s, the United States came up with an ingenious plan to trumph those damnRussians in the "space race." A secret government agency, dubbed NASA, was formed, and quickly went to work building the largest projector on earth. This projector, located somewhere in New Mexico, is so powerful that it can project an image of the "moon" in outer space bright enough to be viewed by the entire world. Sketchy government officials then began fabricating ancient documents to further support the so-called existence of the "moon." Once the projector was complete, NASA commenced the construction of a complex film studio and soundstage. It was there that they created Neil Armstrong's ground breaking "moon landing." The moon is not real, it is simply a projection created by the conspiracy-hungry american government. This is one of the largest scandals in the history of history, and America, its time the truth was revealed.

No return trip required.

"Back" To The MoonEdit

NASA is planning to 'return' to the moon and establish a permanent base by 2027. The only way this can be accomplished is under the leadership of Donald Rumsfeld who has already proven that without a cost estimate, design details or real timetable he can achieve a stunning success. Just look at Iraq.Episode #184

Spider Web of LiesEdit

Moon landing map revised

Real picture, fake locations, like Utah

Here is a photo of the moon including where the supposed landing took place. Also included in the photo are the Google Copernicus Center and the words "Infinite Modesty"

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