Osama bin Lisa
Mahmoud Ahmedi-Monsterz of Terror-nejad is a terrorist.

The Monsters of Terror is the terrorists version of the USO. Most of the cities on the tour are black sites, which means they are not announced ahead of time, in orde to suprise residents when the tour comes to their town.

The Tour is so profitable that they have several jets and even an aircraft carrier in their private fleet.

The Tour has been performing world-wide since at least the Reagan-era.


The Monsters of Terror Tour is dedicated to bringing American democracy to the world. But after word got out that The Monsters existed, some Americans were jealous that they could not see the Monsters or follow them around, like the fans of Toby Keith.

The Greatest Administration-EVER!, has taken all comments into consideration for next year's tour and is going all-out to insure that nothing--and they mean nothing--gets in the way of bringing American democracy to everyone, including deserving Americans.

Former "Black Sites" in The TourEdit

Performers Who Have TouredEdit

Do Not Also SeeEdit

...because it is totally unrelated...

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