has been granted full United States "citizenship"
for their donation to Republican causes.
America thanks you, Monsanto

Monsanto is a corporation that works with volatile chemicals and whose sole reason for existing is to sponsor rides at Disneyland.


In this section discuss the reasons why Monsanto is an integral part of American commerce and is deserving of its own special tube.

The Goofy Assurance Provision, Section 735 (formerly Section 733) of the "Monsanto Dissappearing Act" has allowed Monsanto to retire to Hawaii, while their investments in the wikiality of American farmers pays them dividends, and helps support black Americans in white houses.

March Again St. Monsanto (MAM); a loosely affiliated collection of grass smoking groups initially formed to popularize the May 25, 2014 plea to the Monsanto corporation to promote the Geriatric Mouse Orchestra (GMO), has developed into a controversial herb round-up from between 6 and 9 continents; donating weed so top college musicians from all around the United States can be ready before applying to join the Orchestra.

March Again St. Monsanto 2014.05.25Edit

Cities participated and participantsEdit

Country State/Prefecture/Province City Oz approx./Estimates
Australia Victoria Melbourn TBC
Australia New South Wales Sydney TBC
Austria - Vienna TBC
Belgium - Brussel TBC
Canada - Montreal TBC
Canada - Quebec TBC
Croatia - Split TBC
Costa Rica - San Jose TBC
Egypt (capital) Cairo TBC
France (capital) Paris TBC
Germany - Berlin TBC
Germany Bayern Munich TBC
India - New Delhi TBC
Japan (capital) Tokyo TBC
Portugal - Lisboa/Lisbon hundrends~1000
[based on posting by Teresa Bhakti Haka Gabriel
as seen in Facebook MAM page]
Portugal - Porto TBC
Mexico -Chihuahua TBC
Mexico - Monterrey TBC
Mexico - Queretaro TBC
New Zealand -Auckland TBC
New Zealand - Wellington TBC
South Africa -Durban TBC
South Africa - Johannesburg TBC
Sweden (capital)Stockholm TBC
Taiwan (ROC)Republic of China - Taipei TBC
United Kingdom (capital) London TBC
United Kingdom Scotland Glasglow TBC
United Kingdom England Manchester TBC
USA AK Little Rock TBC
USA CA San Francisco TBC
United States of America (capital) NYC TBC
USA ColoradoDenver TBC
USA Georgia Atlanta TBC
USA NJ Atlantic City TBC
USA MO Columbia TBC
USA NC Ashville 1000
USA NV Las Vegas TBC
USA OR Portland 6000
USA WI Milwaukee TBC
USA TX Houston TBC
USA CA Los Angeles TBC
USA Minnesota Minneapolis/St. Paul TBC
USA VT Montepeller 300

[data based on posting of
Bailey Osborne
as seen in Facebook MAM page]

USA NM Albuquerque TBC
USA Louisiana New Orleans TBC
USA UtahCedar City TBC
USA Haiwaii Maui TBC


In this section discuss the many ways America's history was shaped by the innovations of Monsanto, including the wonderful world of Disney. Use the links below for info.

Products and ServicesEdit

In this section discuss the many products created by Monsanto! Use the links below on "terminator seeds" and the links in the "External Tubes" section for more info."

Terminator seeds, Ban Terminator tube

External TubesEdit

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