Monkey Island

Monkey Island is where Truthiness Monkeys and Jihad Monkeys come from. We suspect the Island is located somewhere in Tampa.

Some of these Monkeys are actually Illegals, stealing jobs from American Monkeys.



El Diablo Blanco!!!

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Everything about a Zoo is about Human Ego [...] This idea that our species has the right to gather other species from around the world and hold them in this place says a lot about our assumptions of human supremacy.
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~ Thomas French
August 18, 2010

Monkey Island
Monkey Island map
Capitol: Monkey Kingdom
Official Flower: Bananas
Official Language: Monklish
Official Bird: Winged Monkeys
Motto: Banana!
Common Name: Monkey Island
Leader: Donkey Kong
Official Anthem: Banana Song
Population: 1 Billion Monkeys
Currency: Banana Dollar
Principal imports: Monkeys, Animals, Pirates, Ghosts, Guybrush Threepwood
Principal exports: Bananas, Feces, Human Ego
Principal industries: Zoos and Banana Plantations
Fun Fact # 1: Vegetarian Cannibals inhabits Monkey Island
Fun Fact # 2: There is a Giant Stone Monkey Head
Fun Fact # 3:
Fun Fact # 4:

Thomas French discovered Monkey Island and wrote a book called "Life in the Garden of Captives".

The Island is run by Lex Salisbury, aka El Diablo Blanco (The White Devil), an evil Dictatorial Zookeeper. El Diablo Blanco is the Alpha Male of the Zookeepers and he will mount you if you show any sign of weakness.

The Island was created to gather animals from around the world and bring them to the Zoo located in Monkey Island, as exhibits to maintain our Human Supremacy over the Animal Kingdom (and that Kingdom better surrender!)

Escape from Monkey Island: Monkey Madness MayhemEdit

There is no escape from Monkey Island, we all return to it someday.

The Mytical Three-headed MonkeyEdit


Look behind you!
A Three-headed Monkey!

External TubesEdit

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