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A monkey typing Dan Brown's newest book

This is about the small animal - for an article about Money see Money

Monkeys are not elephants, the population for which have tripled in population in the last six months.

Monkeys are in no way related to humans, as evolution is a lie meant to turn people to the secular way of the flesh. God created Man at the same time he created monkeys; He just loved Man more, which is why there are no monkeys in Heaven.

Monkeys are unique in that they must mate forty-two times before they can successfully create offspring.

Monkeys are also known for their ability to write.


Monkeys also love to wash people's cats. Never accept food from a monkey waiter--you don't know where his front paws have been.

Monkeys have a very unhealthy obsession with feces. They throw their poop at other monkeys and everything else for no discernible reason whatsoever.

Despite not having thumbs, their aim is amazingly accurate.

Or so I've heard.

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