A day of the week (pronounced: MUN-day), normally depicted as the second day, when weeks begin on Sunday, using the Gregorian calendar, not the Jew calendar, which says that God rested on Saturday, which isn't true because God partied on Saturday.

Why Monday is SpecialEdit

Monday is the day of the week dedicated to forming an opinion. The Romans called this day Monday, because "Mon" is the Roman word for "gut".

This was revealed by Stephen Colbert at the 2006 White House Correspondents Dinner. My gut tells me that day landed on a Monday.

Monday is also the day Jack Bauer comes on FOX.

What God did on MondayEdit

God seperated America's Planet from the sky.

What Children Who Are Born on Monday Are LikeEdit

They are full of grace. They are at an unusually high risk to become terrorists, hippies, or Jews. Only by baptising them violently every six monthes for the first 16 years of life can they be saved. Children born on Monday also have the liklihood of becoming awesome; exhibit A, Nathan Scott, brother of Michael Scott.

Also calledEdit

Famous People Born on MondayEdit

Laura Bush
Barbara Bush
Ann Coulter

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