Mold is a vegetable that grows without a lot of water, like a cactus. It is eaten mainly by liberals at gay weddings with maggots.

There are many different types of mold and many ways to grow it, this article will detail those differences.

Types of MoldEdit


A wealthy, New Orleans based Inventor and User of The Gravity Die Casting Process

  • Gravity Assisted Die Casting Mold - This is a permanent mold, made of steel which is used in production casting for aluminum. Gravity Casting is a scaled down version of injection casting where, instead of the molten aluminum being pressure injected in to the mold, it's lazy, wise and soon to be somewhat wealthy handlers allow gravity to forcibly act upon the aluminum and fill the mold at much lower pressures. Gravity Casting is a perfectly safe process, and is highly recommended for use by those inexperienced in handling 1500 degree molten aluminum, especially around concrete, which when in contact with super heated aluminum, will absolutely not explode, possibly killing anyone in the blast area. At the time of this writing, fabulous fortunes have been made using this process. The process has been critically compared to that of dwarfing wheat to avoid mass starvation.

How to Grow MoldEdit

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