God Touching Adam
you have been touched in a very special way.

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And no special interests will be allowed to interfere except for those of our advertisers, our bosses, our bosses' bosses and the secret cabal to which all media outlets must vow allegiance, with all praise to the all-seeing eye of Mithlror.
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~ Indecisive Editors

Mithlror is the dark, mysterious figure at the healm of America's media cabal. Very little is known about Mithlror, which could suggest a noble figure of unparalleled humility, dedication to higher principles, and the desire to make media work for the people. You know, a Mithlror from whom you could imagine a Rupert Murdoch or Sumner Redstone made in Mis image.

However, it seems much more likely that Mithlror's shadowy existence serves to shroud a darker truth. Just who could this "all-seeing", master-manipulating, cabal-controlling Mithlror be? Who would benefit from concealing his power without ceasing to exercise his dominion over mere mortal human-Americans? Hmmmm... Who indeed???

It is said that Vice President Dick Cheney's special ability to move between the executive and legislative branch was granted to him my Mithlror, as some sort of secret reward.

More About MithlrorEdit

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