U Aint Here
is not a Recognized State of the United States of America.
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The "Great" State of Missippippi
Capitol: Villa Villekulla
State Flower: Orchid
Official Language: Engrish
State Bird: Confused Oriole
State Motto: "What?"
Nickname: The "Backwards Mississippi" state. No, seriously. Suck it, Alabama.
Governor: Pippi Longstocking
State Anthem: "Why did John C. Calhoun spell our name wrong?"
Population: Confused people
Standard MPH: -90
Principal imports: Mississippians
Principal exports: Perplexed Mississippians
Principal industries: Befuddlement, steel
Fun Fact # 1: John C. Calhoun meant to write "Mississippi". Oops.
Fun Fact # 2: Fun? Fun!?


Missippippi has a very unfortunate history. It is often referred to in snobby political circles as "the State of Confusion". Reportedly, President George W. Bush has spent extensive time vacationing there.

Achieving StatehoodEdit

Because of the embarrassment of John Calhoun's little spelling mishap, Missippippi is generally not recognized as one of America's fifty states and it is not included in any elementary school songs about "Fifty Nifty United States".

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