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America’s other weapon of mass destructions. Clearly the terrorist will have to surrender

Weapons of Mass Destruction are weapons that have immense power and, therefore, the United States should be the only country with the ability to use them.

There are several types of WMDs:

"Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds"

Iraq had the world's largest collection of WMDs, which they were sharing with Al Qaeda, Iran, North Korea, The Axis Of Evil, The Legion of Doom, and France. That is why America liberated it.

Where dey go!?Edit

Knowing that The Greatest President Ever was coming to get him, Saddam Hussein hid his WMDs. Many believe they were stashed away at one of his neighboring countries with which he had friendly ties:

WMDs in other CountriesEdit

Japan's WMDsEdit

The Violin of Death
The Violin of Death II

Super WeaponsEdit

Ion cannon

America’s Ion Cannon… suck it North Korea!

"Weapons of Mass Destruction"
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